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cheap dedicated server

Rent a Server | A European Cheap Dedicated Server

In this article, we are going to be talking about why “YOU” should rent a server, specifically a European Cheap Dedicated Server!

Planning on renting a server? Having a new start? Obtaining a fresh, fast, reliable, & most importantly cheap dedicated server is extremely hard nowadays.

Looking for a solution, that’ll keep you happy in the short and long term? Your answer is European Dedicated Servers, specifically: French & German Dedicated Servers.

We are going to be covering 5 main points about european cheap dedicated servers, in this article.

  • General Factors
  • Hardware
  • Speed
  • Downtimes & Outages
  • General Pricing

General Factors

In life, when people hear “Cheap”, they often think “Bad”, and when you turn it counter-clock wise, the same idea occurs! “Expensive”, they think “Good”. But that is not always true! When talking about dedicated servers, you have to put in mind many factors that make something Cheap or Expensive.

Points like:

  • Location Taxes & Fee Charges on the Data Center.
  • Petrol & Electricity Charges on the Data Center (Fuel Prices vary from location to location)
  • Import Charges! Ofcourse! The Server Hardware has to come from somewhere.
  • Labor Charges of the location on the Data Center.
  • and much more!

All of the above & more affect how the dedicated servers are priced! If a location forces high taxes & fees on a Data Center, expect the data center to force high prices on you! that’s an example!

Returning to our talk about European Dedicated Servers! European countries such as France & Germany offer huge benefits to Data Centers.. from low taxes & fees to low electricity bills. All the benefits put together lead to the pricing you see of European Dedicated Servers.


Relating to the point above, import charges in France & Germany are extremely low! Which leads German & French Data Centers to bring in awesome hardware! at HaleServer there are many options, you can view some of the dedicated servers offered at HaleServer! European & American!

cheap dedicated server
cheap dedicated server

Great Hardware = Great Functionality


Check out this network speed test of one the European Dedicated Server PARTIONED!

cheap dedicated server

Downtimes & Outages

Our European Dedicated Servers are hurricane proof, outage proof! We swear by our 99.99% Downtime-Free Oath!

cheap dedicated server

General Pricing

Looking for a cheap dedicated server ? then you have no other than european dedicated servers as I noted in this article by the points I made above!

With prices $44/month, you have no excuse not to purchase a european dedicated server!

cheap dedicated server


A Masterpiece is piece that is formed from many pieces, European Dedicated Servers are Masterpieces. If you join all the points mentioned above: Astonishing Speeds, New Hardware, Hurricane Proofed Servers, Cheap Prices you get your dream cheap dedicated server . I really hope you guys learned something new! I know its frightening to go for something new! I know you’re used to the American Dedicated Servers, but my advice to you is to be open minded! Think Big, Think European. Grab your cheap dedicated server today at

Wishing you a happy day!


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