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Starting a DropShipping Business Cheap &

Why You Shouldn’t Use Shopify

The Idea of earning money by selling other people’s stuff might seem redundant and overused, but no!

A dropshipping website is a website that is designed to display products picked up from other e-commerce websites. For an example: You see a cat necklace on a particular website, then you go forward to take the images of the product and it’s named to then place them on your website for a higher price, then a customer… let’s call him “Mack”, Mack comes and purchases the cat necklace from your website… the next step is for you to copy the shipping address of Mack to then paste it on the website that sells the necklace.. and then the necklace gets shipped from the leading store.

Pros & Cons:


  • Little Investment Needed
  • No Inventory Space or Inventory Needed
  • Profitable
  • Quick Money
  • Scalable


  • Lots of Competition (Can be bypassed by picking a far niche, which is the best option)
  • May need 2 Paypal accounts (The reason is that when you sell your first item, PayPal holds the money for almost 10 days… So you need to keep some money in another PayPal account to be able to purchase the item for the customer… Do not worry! It may not happen, and if it did it would happen once or twice at most!)


In the case, you have made up your mind and want to start a DropShipping Website / DropShipping Business, the steps are as follows:


Before we start, in the following steps we will go the route of WooCommerce instead of Shopify… Shopify is a platform where you pay a certain amount ($29.99/month without the domain, and without the plugins needed) to start an e-commerce website easily… While WooCommerce is a FREE WordPress plugin that turns your WordPress Website (which is also FREE) to an e-commerce website!


Using Shopify costs a decent amount of money and we do not want to go over budget, therefore we won’t be using Shopify!


An example of a great & simple WooCommerce E-commerce Website is 



Step 1: Finding the Type of Products You Want Sell (Store Type)


An excellent way to select the items to sell is by looking up the hottest items of the year you’re in, for an example, it’s currently 2018 and the hottest items sold are jewelry, fishing items, etc.. a good article showing good items to sell can be found using this link:  

For this example, we picked Fishing Tools.


Step 2: Buying Web Hosting & A Domain


This is a crucial step as web hosting gets your website up and running for the world to see and the Domain is basically and your website’s name (ex.

To get Web Hosting & A Domain, all you have to do is to navigate to this link: Cheap Web Hosting

After navigating to that link, enter a good domain name, an example would be for our picked example in Step 1!

then choose your billing cycle (Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annually/Annually) The more the time the cheap… If you have chosen annually then it would cost you $20/year + $9.98/year for the domain which is hugely cheaper than going for Shopify (which is $29.99/month without add-ons and the needed tools).

Complete the purchase by typing in your info then choosing a payment option!


Step 3: Installing WordPress


Congratulations! You have purchased Web Hosting & a Domain! Now you have to install the website… guess what! (It’s Free!) To install WordPress, We here at HaleServer provide our customers with an application called Softaculous! It allows you to install WordPress with 1 click!

To use Softaculous, you just have to navigate to your Website Control Panel through the Client area or through this alternative more natural way: http://www.(replace this part with your domain name).com:2083 then entering your username and password. After that proceed to search for the keyword “Softaculous”.  Select WordPress, fill in the information, choose a theme for your website and click install!


Step 4: Installing WooCommerce & It’s Add-ons


After Installing WordPress, head over to your WordPress administration panel using this link: http://www.(replace this part with your domain name).com/wp-admin then enter your username and password you entered through the Softaculous installation.

Now, head over to Plugins and hover on it then click Add New.

Proceed to search for the following plugins and install them:

WooCommerce (E-Commerce)

Abandoned Cart (To retrieve customers who do not complete the purchase)

Beeketing (To increase conversion rates by showing the “Customer Just Bought Pop Up on Shop Page”)

Manual Reviews (This plugin allows you to enter in manual reviews to your products to increase the conversion rate)

WooCommerce Slideshow (Optional) (Adds a product slideshow to your website)

Fasted Cache OR WP-Cache (Any cache plugin would be suitable) (This speeds up your website)


Step 5: Getting the Products & Adding Them


You have 2 ways, one is paid and the other is FREE.

The Paid Way: (Costs $89/one-time)

Alidropship (A plugin which transfers products from Aliexpress to your website with one click, and also manages your sales).

Head over to and purchase the add-on then install it to your website, then register on

When you have the plugin install, proceed to get the links of the products you want to sell from

Then paste the links on the Alidropship plugin to add the product to your website, and voalla your website contains products!

*Note: When having the Alidropship plugin you do not need the manual reviews plugins as the plugin imports the reviews found on the original product page, you also do not need to purchase each product you sell as the plugin will automatically buy and ship the product to your customers.

The Free Way: (Recommended when you start!)

You go on and you find the products then transfer the products images and information manually to your website by Add a product on the WooCommerce Plugin. & You also have to fulfill the products manually!


Step 6: Getting Customers


There are 3 ways to get the customers!

First Way: Facebook Advertisements ($5/day)

A good video explaining this would be Arie’s way, I found it pretty useful!

Second Way: Instagram Influencers

You go on Instagram and find influencers that share stuff related to your products and pay them ($20/month maximum) to add your product page and images.


Third way: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Very Important! Gets you customers over time! SEO is explained here in our latest book (A Complete Guide To Niche Websites) on Page 9.

dropshipping websites








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