Who is Domain Registrar – A Beginners Guide To Domains

who is domain registrar

Who is domain registrar ?

What’s all the fuss about domain registration? Simply put… a person and/or Organization that registers your domain name privately or publicly. So let’s dig deeper into the question “who is domain registrar”

To simplify the question “Who is domain registrar” we have to dissect it, this ought to be fun!

  • “Who” – You’re asking for the identification! In this case it’d be again… a person or organization. (In our case an Organization…. you can purchase a domain from us here: web name search
  • “Domain” – Your domain   A.K.A Your web name is  Your Identity .. notice 3 Ys (for no reason of course). an example of a domain: https://www.haleserver.com  or https://www.google.com.
  • “Registrar” – A person who registers something particular. In this case *drum roll* domains.

Let’s put the pieces together! A person or organization registers something particular. In this case *drum roll* domains and an example of a domain: https://www.haleserver.com  or https://www.google.com.

Okay! So now you get the definition, but… Man Oh Man! Where can I find a domain registrar? Who can I trust??? Am I living in a world of Illusions! Oh my god! Am I wearing crocs??? !!!

The Purpose of a Domain

First off calm down! please! and let me explain what is the purpose and functionality of Domains. Domains or in simpler form website names are used to First: be the identity of your website, Second and most important: be the link that loads up the files of your website from the server your website is hosted on. Well that was a handful..  Now that was the purpose, but what about functionality and all the how two’s that are circling around in your brain?

Function of a Domain

Well! About functionality! How in the potatoes does it get in contact with the web host? especially if you purchased them separately(which I definitely discourage! keep everything organized and in one place to minimize headache)? There is something called a name server! a Name Server is a sub domain containing the IP of a certain web server/web host. Now, the name server will be supplied by the web host and/or web server to you for domain pointing! Using the name servers you could point your domains to the web host and that in return allows your domain to display your website!

Pointing a Domain

How to point name servers to a host? Easy! let’s take for an example HaleServer’s nameservers that are supplied to you after you purchase a web hosting plan (I advise you to purchase the domain and hosting from HaleServer combined so that way you won’t have to link the domain to the web host). HaleServer’s name servers are: “ns1.haleserver.com” and “ns2.haleserver.com”, now assuming your domain is situated on another registrar, what you have to do now is navigate to the domain registrar and edit the nameservers to HaleServer’s name servers. Then afterwards (Note: It may take up to 24 hours for the DNS to propagate and display your website on your domain, but on HaleServer it’s fairly quick and most times takes a minute or 2) your website would be displayed successfully on your domain.

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